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Ethics Overview

NIU is charged with maintaining an ethical environment for university employees and participants of the campus community. As an institutional standard all faculty, students, and administrators are expected to act in an ethical manner. We hold the members of our University to the highest standards, and expect honesty and integrity in all issues. NIU strictly abides by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act and takes its contents very seriously. Anyone who violates applicable ethics requirements in their professional capacities as state employees may face significant consequences.

At NIU, we believe that a strong ethical system is the foundation for success and we strive to improve this system everyday with the help of our NIU community. At NIU, each individual brings his or her morals, integrity, and character to campus with them each day. We have some of the finest individuals, and when we blend their values, we create an ethical, fair, and professional environment for employees to prosper.

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Ethics Compliance Information

State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA)

Compliance Administration: State Officials and Employees Ethics Act

Ethics Officer
James Guagliardo

Legal Counsel
Greg Brady

Sara Cliffe

Records Officer
Celeste Latham

Ethics Training
Deborah Haliczer

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