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Employee Expectations

How Do I Know What is Expected of Me?

State employees have statutory responsibility regarding their own adherence to ethical behavior as mandated by the Illinois Legislature.

New hires are required to participate in ethics training and assessment within 30 days of hire. Most employees are required to participate in ethics training and assessment annually. The Statute provides for sanctions for non-compliance and all employees required to participate are required to fulfill their obligation as a condition of employment.

The Policies and Legislation page of this site provides links to:

  • Illinois laws and Executive Orders, information regarding the Illinois Ethics Commission, and the Office of the Executive Inspector General as relates to the Office of the Ethics Officer
  • Northern Illinois University policies regarding the broad area of local ethical expectations of our academic and work community.

Employees have a duty to report violations of law, rules, regulations, or policies that they become aware of in the course of their work for the State of Illinois. This includes, but is not limited to, conflicts of interest, prohibited political activity, inappropriate use of State time, resources, and property, receipt of gifts from prohibited sources, and "revolving door" employment restrictions. The University has a policy in place to protect "whistleblowers."

Ethics Compliance Information

State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA)

Compliance Administration: State Officials and Employees Ethics Act

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